How to perform quick search for single-cell sample

To facilitate searching on the database; we provided two types of quick search on single-cell transcriptomics datasets:

1.     Search for single-cell sample

2.    Search for single-cell study

Search for single-cell sample

The interface for search is located at

User are able to search for single-cell sample by any of the listed attributes in the above figure, e.g. a user is interested to get all liver cell sample , can types liver in the cell type space and press search button

The result of the above search will list all liver single-cell samples

The search is not limited to one search argument, instead the user can combine the search .e.g. search for all single-cell Human Embryo samples generated by STRT protocol;

The result of the above search will give a list of all human embryo samples generated by STRT protocol

Clicking on the cell ontology tree link, the ontology tree for the Human embryo will be displayed;


Search for single-cell study

The interface for search is located at

Another easy-to-use search interface, enable the user to search for a particular study on interest. This is possible by clicking on quick search menu); the user can type in any text to search all abstracts and get the relevant single-cell study / studies: The study that contain mouse in its title and midbrain in the article abstract;

The result of the above search, will list study with accession number GSE76381, that has 6665 single-cell samples;




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